City of Orjan

The City of Orjan is a mid-sized walled city. It is the capital of The Kingdom of Jurriaan. It houses the royal palace, and also the Temple of The Dark Crown. Due to its prime location on the mouth of a large river, Orjan is a popular shipping port. It is easy to move cargo from the sea to locations inland, on river barges.

The Palace contains the seat of government, and houses King Jurraa III. It is a massive, ornate structure, a place designed for show, not defense. The city guard and the Capital Militia refend the city walls, and the royal fleet (and the maze of reefs in the shallow water) protect the approaches from the sea.

The Temple is an imposing building of obsidian and black marble, lines with braziers of flame and coal, in homage to the god Aden. It is almost as large as the palace, and houses a prodigious library of historical and religious texts, as well as the monks of the Inner Sanctum. Though tended by the monks of the Dark Crown, members of the other 3 sects routinely visit and even take up residence withing its walls. There they study, train, and explore their theology.

There is also a vibrant marketplace, and a thriving black market trade in artifacts and rare items. Dealers like Vladimir can find almost aything a person might desire.

There was recently a major incident at the Sashu Embassy.

City of Orjan

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